Lorin Chun

Lorin Chun | Private Wealth Manager

Lorin Chun

Having served as Wealth Manager for more than three decades, Lorin Chun is wholeheartedly committed to helping improve the lives of his clients, friends and family. Lorin has a knack for simplifying complex financial decisions so that they are easily understood.

Prior to beginning his career at E.A. Buck, Lorin originally gained real world experience in industries ranging from manufacturing to retailing. Lorin joined the family business that was started by his grandparents, Chun Kim Chow, who had run more than 87 stores in the Islands.

“My professional experiences have provided me with a unique perspective and the ability to identify with clients from all walks of life,” says Lorin, who was born and raised in Honolulu, attended Roosevelt High School and graduated from California State University.

Private Wealth Manager

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