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Make no mistake, women face unique investment challenges.

Even with women earning the majority of college degrees and going to work at a greater rate than men, they still earn less. Part of the reason is that women often take on the dual responsibilities of caretaker and worker, so they are statistically more likely than men to take part-time jobs. Then, there are gaps in employment due to the birth of a child or other family matters. It all adds up to less money earned over a lifetime, which makes it tougher to accumulate a nest egg.

Also, women tend to live longer than men. In fact, 30 percent of women will live to see their 90s. That means the nest egg needs to last a lot longer for women than it does for men.

Many women don’t realize they have to plan differently than a man when it comes to investing. What can you do? Arm yourself with the facts to make better financial choices. Learn more about financial strategies for women by reserving your spot in the next Women’s Wealth & Empowerment workshop. Here you will learn:

  • •   How women's financial considerations are different from men
  • •   How to manage your wealth for your long-term needs
  • •   Balancing your needs and the needs of your family
  • •   Valuable money tips and cost saving measures

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