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E.A. Buck Financial Services offer a variety of ways to help you meet your unique situation. Since 1980, E.A. Buck has worked with more than 5,000 individuals, families, businesses and institutions to deliver services and solutions which help build and manage wealth.

We know helping you reach your goals is bigger than just focusing on stocks and the markets. It's about understanding your priorities. What matters most to you? Through straightforward, relevant conversations and a process that combines your goals with your attitudes toward risk; your Personal Wealth Manager will design an investment strategy around what really matters to you.

A blend of investment products and strategies based on your personal situation can help you grow your wealth, help ensure smooth transitions through the golden years, and manage the impact of taxes – not an easy task in today’s world.

E.A. Buck’s comprehensive approach may include:

  • • Actively managed investment models to balance risk and reward.
  • • Income plans designed to provide you certainty during retirement.
  • • Tax-managed strategies designed to reduce the impact of taxes on your investments.
  • • Estate preservation planning to allow you to protect your heirs.

Whether you're looking to grow your portfolio, save for retirement or leave a nest egg for your heirs, we have many account options and services designed to help keep you on track.

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