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Having a long-term plan for your future doesn’t mean you have to be involved in the day-to-day investing decisions. Choosing the right investments, allocations and risk levels in changing markets is more difficult than ever before. With E.A. Buck’s investment models, you can choose from plans containing a variety of options which are professionally managed to meet your risk tolerance and investment objectives. Backed by years of experience, the guidance developed by E.A. Buck Private Wealth Managers serve as the foundation for managed account options.

Choosing a Fund Model

First, you will work with your Private Wealth Manager to figure out the right style for your investment strategy. This will serve as a guide for your overall investment plan by determining the target allocation ranges for investments you should have in each portfolio. This will be based on your risk tolerance, timeline and growth & income objectives. Using that information, we’ll help you choose from a selection of models that we have available. Our analysts at E.A. Buck will monitor all models regularly while your Private Wealth Manager continues to review your investment decisions and keep your account aligned with your objectives.

How You’ll Pay for Services

Each Investment Model is designed by a team of professionals at E.A. Buck and contains a mix of mutual funds and/or exchange traded funds (ETFs). The advantage of using our investment model is that your portfolio’s investments are diversified between active and passive managers and amongst a broad spectrum of market sectors.

Staying on Track

E.A. Buck will monitor your account and automatically rebalance if it drifts from your model’s target allocation ranges. Market conditions change, and so should your holdings.

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