5 Step Planning

5 Step Planning - E.A. Buck's Guide To Financial SecurityO
5 Step Planning

E.A. Buck’s unique five-step plan can help guide you to a financially secure future. Even if you know nothing about financial planning, our advisors will put you on a path that educates and plots a sensible strategy forward. At E.A. Buck, we prioritize building relationships, credibility and working as a team with you to help reach your financial goals.

1. Introduction Meeting:
Here, it’s all about sharing. We meet to educate you on your financial future as we begin to build a solid relationship. You’ll also learn more about our company philosophies and how to develop your financial goals.

2. Discovery Meeting:
Time to pinpoint your financial goals, risk tolerance and needs – all on your timeline. Your future depends on your finances, and we understand the importance of those needs.

3. E.P.I.C. Planning Meeting:
Here’s where your advisor begins to strategize with you about “why” it’s important to focus on how much you keep, and not how much you make. E.A. Buck EMPOWERS you to make informed decisions necessary to navigate the ups and downs of investments. Each portfolio is PERSONALIZED with your needs in mind. Your advisor makes recommendations for INVESTMENT options that are specific to your personal risk tolerance, time horizon and financial goals. Finally, an essential part of that process is the E.A. Buck COMMUNITY - your advisor collaborates with an experienced team to meet or exceed your expectations.

4. Engineering Meeting:
Dedicated to helping you make decisions on “how” to put your personalized plan in motion. E.A. Buck offers a full spectrum of quality investment options, including professionally managed portfolios, retirement strategies, annuities, life insurance and tax-advantaged tools.

5. Benchmark Meeting:
These regular meetings will give E.A. Buck professionals a chance to make sure you’re on target to achieve your goals. As your life priorities change, so will your financial goals.

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