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Learn more about our Tax and Investment Strategies or Social Security Strategies

The E.A. Buck Family of Companies offers no cost, no obligation workshops as an opportunity for you to learn more about our services and gather information on topics that interest you.  Workshops are held at the Ala Moana Hotel. Please call for a reservation or complete the form to the right.

Retirement & Tax Planning

Understanding taxes and investments in today’s economy

At this workshop, Ed Buck and Jeff Buck talk about how current events are affecting the financial markets. They provide examples of how we project a client’s taxes and how certain financial strategies may be applied to help potentially use the 71,000 pages of the tax code to your advantage. At the workshop, you can learn:

  • How the new tax laws will affect you this year.
  • How to benefit from existing tax laws.
  • How to build a customized financial portfolio.
  • How to gain more control of your 401(K).
  • How current events may impact your investments.
  • How taxes affect your investment returns.

Social Security Strategies

Strategies to potentially maximize your Social Security income

At this workshop, Ed Buck and Jeff Buck discuss social security rules which may help you to understand better your benefits and potential filing strategies. Being informed of your filing options allows you to potentially maximize your lifetime benefits. At the workshop, you can get answers to questions such as:

  • Will Social Security be there for me?
  • How much can I expect to receive?
  • When should I apply for Social Security?
  • How can I potentially maximize my benefits?
  • Will social security be enough to live on in retirement?
  • How much of my Social Security benefits are taxable?

Women's Wealth & Empowerment

Financial Strategies Every Woman Must Know

At this workshop, Katie Buck will discuss key financial considerations for women. You will learn:

  • How women's financial considerations are different from men.
  • How to manage your wealth for your long-term needs.
  • Balancing your needs and the needs of your family.
  • Valuable money tips and cost saving measures.
  • How to proactively enhance your current circumstance.


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Retirement & Tax Planning

Social Security Strategies

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