Tax Strategies

Proactive tax planning can have a positive impact on your overall financial well-being.

We believe that everyone – regardless of wealth – should learn to utilize the 71,000 pages of the United States Tax Code. 

At E.A. Buck Company, we understand the impact that taxes have on your overall financial picture.  Our ability to incorporate tax planning into your financial plan allows us to help you to use the tax code to your advantage.  This unique service is something that we feel sets us apart from other financial planners. 

The purpose of tax planning is to recognize your tax liabilities in advance, providing you the opportunity to take a proactive approach to implement reduction strategies throughout the year.  Through information gathering and analysis of your net worth and cash flow, our wealth managers are able to create a personalized financial blueprint.  Together, we will use your blueprint as a guide in providing customized proposals and strategies targeted at helping you to achieve balance in your financial goals and lifestyle needs.

We provide the following services on an annual basis, at no charge to our clients, as a part of our comprehensive services.

  • Double check your tax return to help ensure accuracy
  • Project your taxes for the current year to possibly offset potential tax liabilities
  • Keep you current on new and changing tax laws, federal and state, and assist you in adjusting your financial plan
  • Provide guidance on how to use the current tax laws to your advantage
  • Potentially offer tax advantaged investment opportunities that may improve your current or future tax situation


To learn more, register for our free Tax and Investment Strategies Workshop, request our Financial Strategies Guide, or call to schedule a personal consultation.