Life Insurance Overview

There are various ways to incorporate Life Insurance into an individual’s financial plan.  EA Buck’s tax and financial strategists spend the time educating prospective clients on the various choices such as Term, Universal and Indexed Universal centered on each individual’s needs and goals.

Traditionally, Term Life Insurance is used to protect family members (i.e. spouses, children, and dependent adults).  Term is affordable and truly designed around the lowest insurance cost to gain the greatest temporary death benefit over a period of time.

Life insurance can not only be designed to protect the loved ones in our lives but also to accumulate cash value for use throughout an individual’s life.  Universal and Indexed Universal Life, if structured correctly, can provide tax deferred growth with tax free distributions to be used for retirement, education costs, home purchases, or anything important to an individual.

While many companies promote only one insurance choice – Term or Universal, and claim their strategy is the best, we believe both options have utility dependent upon each prospective client’s life situation and goals.  As the financial industry undergoes constant change, EA Buck works to monitor new life insurance strategies designed for our client’s needs today.  We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your insurance needs as they relate to your financial plan.