Ed Buck

Founder - Wealth Manager
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Ed was raised in Northern California and attended San Jose State University where he earned a Master’s degree in Biology. In the 1960’s, Ed moved to Maui and later lived in Japan and Australia as he built an international business. Ed moved back to Hawaii in the mid 70’s and has been his home ever since. 

Ed serves as the Founder of E.A. Buck Family of Companies. He established The E.A. Buck Family of Companies in 1980 with the belief that everyone – regardless of wealth – should learn to utilize the tax code and understand the current and future impact of proper financial planning for their future. With his doors open to people of all incomes, he has built a reputation of service and caring for all of his clients.

Ed began his career as a science teacher in 1967 at Lihikai Junior High on the island of Maui. He transitioned into business and successfully ran several multi-million dollar businesses worldwide. A self-made millionaire, Ed quickly came to realize the impact of taxes on his overall financial plan. This impact to his finances gave Ed motivation to understand the tax code and how the wealthy invest. Ed was driven to develop a way to use this knowledge to impact positively his personal financial plan. Ed’s personal quest became his passion, and ultimately, the driving force for what would soon become E.A. Buck Company.

Outside of work, Ed is very active in his family and community. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Veronica, and his 7 children. Ed remains active in his church and the local community. Ed is proud to have ran the Honolulu Marathon for 34 consecutive years in a row, and can often been seen training on the beach or working out at The Honolulu Club. 


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